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Giving a CD&T Toxoid Shot (Clostridium Perfringens Types C & D - Tetanus)

Here is a short video on how to give a goat a vaccine.

The CD&T Shot should be given yearly. The first shot you give should always be followed with a booster shot about 4 weeks later, then it is yearly.

This vaccine can be found at any farm store. Tractor Supply's CD&T

I have small goats, so I like to use the 20 gauge x 1 inch needles, and a 3 cc or 6 cc syringe.

Giving shots can be stressful, but as long as you have a way to restrain the goat (milking stand or a good strong helper/friend), it can be very easy.

Most shots that you will give to goats will be sub-q (or just under the skin). I like to give shots in the armpit area of the goat, it seems to have the most loose skin.

You want to tent the skin or pinch up some loose skin, and stick the needle into the first layer of skin. Be careful not to go through both layers of skin or into your finger.

Push the fluids and then give it a little rub. I like to think this helps disperse the medicine.

And then you are done.

This calls for lots of cookies and yummy goat treats.

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