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We love to get feedback from our clients!  If you would like to submit a statement, please send via email to:

"Courtney and her farm, Wind Dancer Farm Goats, is Awesome! Her goats are healthy and extremely well cared for. The goats get many hours of hands on attention which contribute to them being very calm and friendly. She is very knowledgeable and very accommodating about answering questions during and after purchasing from her farm. If you are in search of a high quality goat please give her a call." 


Audrey Allen - Jett (December '17)

                           Daffodil (June '19)

                           Tulip (June '19)


"We have gotten 6 beautiful babies from Courtney & Lynne,They have all been healthy and well taken care of...The farm itself is awesome I love the miniature horses and OMG the goats ...all of the animals are loving and very sweet...I wish they were a lot closer I'd probably spend so much time there....Awesome ...awesome..awesome..."

Perry Ellison Jr. - Snowflake (December '17)

                               Sasha (September '18)

                               Snowball (September '18)

                               Sebastian (April '20)

                               Sonny (February '22)

                               Shar (February '22)

Snowflake & Perry Dec 2017.jpg
Snowflake Aug 2018.jpeg
Snowflake & Perry Jan 2018.jpeg

"Courtney and Lynne are some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met.   They truly care about their Goats and it shows.   When I picked up Cash, I was pleasantly surprised to see a farm that was neat, clean and orderly.   So many times when you make the decision to add a new animal/fur baby  to the family, you do your research, check references only to be let down once you see the facility.  But that is NOT the case at Wind Dancer Farms.  I was amazed at how well setup and clean it was.  Wind Dancer is a family business and Courtney and Lynne are a pleasure to visit. They don’t rush. They show you around and you can tell they really love all their animals.
    Our baby Cash is the friendliest and healthiest kid I could ever hope for.  He let us handle him and hold him from the minute we picked him up.  Our son loves him and Cash has become very attached.  He follows our son in the yard everywhere he goes.  They have even napped together. 
    In today’s world it is truly refreshing to find a breeder that cares so much about her Animals. I would recommend Wind Dancer Farms to anyone who is looking to add a goat to their life. I can’t say enough good things about them.  We grew up farming and have had many animals in our life. Jasper is a welcome addition to our family and I hope anyone that reads this takes the leap and adds a kid from them to their life. You won’t be disappointed!"

Ashley Bradsher - Cash (June '20)

                                 Lilly (August '20)

                                 Hank (December '20)

                                 Luke (December '20)

                                 Leya (December '20)

                                 June Carter (May '21)

                                 Reba (May '22)

                                 Loretta (April '24)


“A friend recommended that we begin our search for goats at Wind Dancer Farms. We followed that advice and we’re so glad we did!  We have purchased 3 from Courtney & Lynne and soon we’ll be bringing our 4th into fold. Their goats are lavished with love and care from birth which means buyers are sure to go home with human friendly goats. I would say “spoiled rotten goats” in the best way! 


Courtney is a wealth of knowledge for first time goat owners like us, always there to answer questions for us. You can’t go wrong purchasing your stock from Wind Dancer Farms!”


Michael Edsel & Steve Pugh

                                  - Simon (December '20)

                                     Onyx (March '21)

                                     Ginger Spice (March '21)

                                     Gladys aka Suri (April '21)

Michael Edsel & Ginger Spice.jpeg
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